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D-Parmy pens are created in wood, a noble, living material that changes with time, just like writing, a vital and changeable gesture that transmits ideas from the intellectual realm to the material realm of ink and paper.
The woods selected by D-Parmy are Bois de Rose, Bois de Violette, Ebony, and Walnut.
Precious slow-growing trees only found in certain tropical regions of the earth, such as Bois De Rose and Bois De Violette, which owe their names to the intense fragrance of rose and violet. The structure of the wood is compact and the appearance is striated, with shades ranging from pink to red to violet. These surprising and quite uncommon characteristics make each pen unique and special.
The streaks, variously marked in shape and colour, are harmonious signs of aging and offer a pleasure that is palpable as well as visual and olfactory.
A thin clear finish protects the pen so that it remains unaltered over time. The production techniques are inspired by cabinet-making and the artisan manufacture of antique furniture and musical instruments.

Appearance and grip

D-Parmy pens feature clean, elegant lines. The structure is compact with simple volumetric variations, limited to the extremities of the body. The clip comes in two styles: a small lance and a more rounded form. Each model is characterised by an inlaid ring that accents the wood tones, giving warmth and vivacity. The metal inserts and the glossy finish of the wood confer an ever-changing and unexpected luminosity. The grip is firm but light. By choice, the cap does not fit onto on the end of the pen, leaving it to exist as an autonomous object.

Artisan manufacture

The body and the cap are produced by wood turning. The limits of thickness imposed by the nature of the raw material are overcome thanks to the expert craftsmanship. The clip, band, and other metal parts are also produced in-house by D-Parmy. The assembly of the components is exclusively manual.

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Brand: D-PARMY
Model No.: Giuseppe Verdi
Type: Fountain pen
Body material: Rose wood Hand painted
Body color: Brown & gold
Clip material: Gold plated brass
Filling system: Converter/cartridge
NIB material: 18K gold
NIB size: F-M-B
Availability: On request – very small quantities left