RESSENCE TYPE 2 Anthracite

RESSENCE TYPE 2 Anthracite

CHF 38,757.00


The Type 2 is manually set via the lever on its case back. By double tapping the crystal, the manually set time is digitally registered by e-Crown. When the watch is not actively used (for over 3 months even), you can put on the watch, tap the crystal and the watch will correct itself to the current time.

If you are a regular traveler (to and from different time zones), this watch is pretty convenient as well. You can use two time zones with the new Type 2 and switch between them using the mode selector (tapping the dial). Then, there’s an app (hence the app mode) that you can use via Bluetooth to connect with the Ressence Type 2 watch and make you select a time zone from a list of cities in the world.

Another interesting feature is that you don’t need to wind the new Type 2 anymore after every time of inactivity (for a longer period). The new Type 2 has a power save function, the e-Crown will hold the barrel of the mechanical movement. When you start using the watch again, the watch will start running again after double tapping the crystal (as it will release the barrel). Ressence wants to stress that this watch does not have GPS or is not being radio controlled. The watch can be set using the lever on the back or by using the e-Crown app, and meanwhile, the time is also being registered digitally inside the watch.


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