Marc Newson The Hourglass

Marc Newson The Hourglass

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This exceptional piece of art was created by the famous Australian designer Marc Newson.
Born in Sydney in 1963, he worked for Quantas, Ferrari and many other companies. He is now Apple’s chief designer.
This object requires hours of work. It is produced in very limited quantities.

The Hourglass is a true engineering feat. Made in Basel, Switzerland, it is blown from a single piece of borosilicate glass and contains millions of nano spheres made of stainless steel. Each sphere is precisely 0.6 mm in diameter and coated with fine gold and silver. When the Hourglass is inverted, the precision balls fall and bounce in an unstructured but truly mesmeric way.

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Borosilicate glass, 5 mm thick

10 minute time [+/- 1 minute]

Small size 150 x 125 mm

Hourglass gross weight: 1.5 kg avg.

Fine Gold (999.9/000) coated on nanoballs: 11 g avg.

0.6 mm gold-plated stainless steel nanoballs: 1.1 kg / 1’249’996 pieces avg.


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